-When Someone Dies -


It is important to know what has to be done when a death occurs. If the death happens at home, you should immediately contact a doctor and the funeral director at Jimboomba Funerals. Ideally, it should be your family doctor who has recently been treating the person who has died. They will be able to properly identify the cause of death prior to issuing a death certificate.

As soon as the death certificate has been issued, contact your funeral director at Jimboomba Funerals, who will arrange to transfer the deceased to the funeral home. Your funeral director will take care of all arrangements for you.

If the death occurs in a hospital, the attending doctor should be able to issue a death certificate. The funeral directors at Jimboomba Funerals will then be able to act for you and organise transport of your loved one to the funeral home. Again, your funeral director will take care of all the arrangements for you.

Sometimes, death can take place interstate or overseas. When this occurs, contact your funeral director so that all customs or statutory requirements are attended to and transport of the deceased can be arranged.

If a death is sudden and the person is not under the care of a doctor, and in apparent good health, it may be necessary to notify the coroner.

If the death is the result of an accident, the coroner also has to be informed. If the coroner is involved, the police will arrange transport of the deceased after preparing a report for the coroner. The coroner will then contact the deceased’s doctor or request an autopsy to establish the cause of death. As soon as the coroner issues a death certificate, your funeral director can organise transport and arrangements for the funeral can be made.


These services occur under unusually tragic circumstances, when there is no body, or when the deceased has willed that their body be donated to science. It’s still important to acknowledge the life of the deceased and help family and friends accept the fact that death has occurred.

A special memorial service allows everyone to gather together and grieve with their loved ones. If this is your situation, Janet and James at Jimboomba Funerals are happy to arrange the perfect service, using photos and significant objects associated with the life of the deceased.

Despite its inevitability, death is rarely discussed, leaving those left behind unprepared and unsure of how to cope. The staff at Jimboomba Funerals are here to help; we deal with grieving families on a daily basis and can assist you through this difficult process.
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